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    Stock Market Today: November 25, 2020
    Harvey S. Katz, CFA  |  11/25/2020
    It was a heavy news day that greeted Wall Street investors yesterday morning, as key economic and political developments unfolded. On the business side, we saw a rather listless survey on consumer confidence issued, with rising COVID-19 cases apparently leading to a modest dip in that index. On the political front, meantime, the last 24 hours yielded further progress in finally starting to bring about an official transition between the outgoing Administration in Washington and the incoming one headed by President-Elect Joe Biden.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: November 24, 2020
    John E. Seibert III  |  11/24/2020
    The stock market started strongly yesterday, as news of a third vaccine candidate improved sentiment. Traders bought stocks thinking this would mean a quicker recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and that an economic rebound would occur more quickly. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up by as many as 306 points in short order, while the S&P 500 was ahead 31 points. However, the markets quickly became overbought and then turned back some. Then, near midday, news broke that President-Elect Biden picked former Fed chief Janet Yellen to be his Treasury Secretary.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: November 23, 2020
    Harvey S. Katz, CFA  |  11/23/2020
    Wall Street soon will start a new week following an up-and-down five day span, which saw the leading equity averages surge at the outset and fade by the close. This uneven pattern reflected good news very early in the week, as drug maker Moderna (MRNA) followed pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer (PFE) in announcing a vaccine to prevent COVID-19. Then, as the week proceeded, the realization that until there is mass distribution of these vaccines, which may not happen until well into the spring, the market will face soaring cases of this disease.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: November 20, 2020
    Harvey S. Katz, CFA  |  11/20/2020
    After some fireworks the first three sessions of this week, as the stock market initially soared on positive news on the COVID-19 vaccine front from Moderna (MRNA) and Pfizer (PFE), the equity market pulled back on Tuesday and Wednesday on concerns about the increasing financial and human cost of this pandemic in the form of likely lockdowns and business and school closures. Then, yesterday, things seemed to calm down somewhat and a less frenetic response from investors took hold.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: November 19, 2020
    Harvey S. Katz, CFA  |  11/19/2020
    The stock market reversed course during the first two weeks of November, eclipsing the losses of the previous two months, in the process. Monday saw a stealth increase owing to optimism about a coronavirus vaccine. However, concerns over rising COVID-19 cases and the potential lockdown caused the market to lose ground on Tuesday and Wednesday. Looking out to a new day, the futures are pointing to a slightly lower opening on Wall Street this morning.