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    Stock Market Today: October 21, 2020
    Harvey S. Katz, CFA  |  10/21/2020
    Once more yesterday, optimism on the fiscal stimulus front was on the rise. And that sentiment gave stocks an early lift. On point, one day after some initial bullishness had been seen in that area, only to be dashed by a return to late-in-the day pessimism, the bulls were at it again and stocks were on the rise.To recap, after several weeks of back and forth on the stimulus side, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi put in a 48-hour deadline on reaching a pact in Congress. That imposed deadline sent both sides looking aggressively to reach a deal by day's end. If an accord was not reached, a pact would have to wait until after the election, something for which neither side wanted to take the blame.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: October 20, 2020
    Adam Rosner  |  10/20/2020
    The U.S. stock market retreated late in the session yesterday, but seems positioned to recapture some of that ground today. To wit, the U.S. equity futures are up sharply, signaling a higher opening.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: October 19, 2020
    William G. Ferguson  |  10/19/2020
    The most recent five-day stretch of trading started and ended well for the bulls, but in between, the bears were in control and volatility was on display. The market remains on edge ahead of the upcoming Presidential election, which is now just a fortnight away, and with uncertainty about whether a much-needed economic fiscal stimulus package will come prior to Election Day. In addition to those events, trading is being driven by the start of third-quarter earnings season, which has initially been a mixed affair for Corporate America.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: October 16, 2020
    Harvey S. Katz, CFA  |  10/16/2020
    After slumping in September and then opening the often volatile, but usually rewarding, month of October in a solid recovery mode, the stock market has had some of the wind taken out of its sails during the past three sessions. The equity market, it would seem, has been rattled by a combination of factors.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: October 15, 2020
    William G. Ferguson  |  10/15/2020
    The current trading week on Wall Street started out on a positive note, with the major averages posting nice gains on Monday. However, the bulls have been quiet since, with the indexes retracing those advances and then some over the last two days. Before the market’s open, the equity futures point to a continuation of the selling that picked up at the end of yesterday’s session. The primary culprit is COVID-19.