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    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: August 22, 2019
    Harvey S. Katz, CFA  |  08/22/2019
    The stock market's recent pattern of up one day and down the next continued over the first two trading days this week as stocks did well on Monday, but floundered on Tuesday. And the bulls were at it again yesterday, as strong profit performances from a pair of giant retail chains helped stocks get off the ground quickly. In all, the Dow Jones Industrial Averages, which sold off at the close of trading yesterday, eventually descending by 173 points in total, reversed course quickly and decisively in trading yesterday, rising by just over 300 points in the morning.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: August 21, 2019
    Harvey S. Katz, CFA and Adam Rosner  |  08/21/2019
    The stock market moved strongly higher earlier this morning, and managed to hold onto these gains through the afternoon. Investor sentiment turned positive today after a batch of retailers delivered encouraging reports. This likely helped overshadow fears that the domestic economy may be starting to slow, and that the trade dispute between the United States and China is creating major challenges.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: August 20, 2019
    Harvey S. Katz, CFA and Adam Rosner  |  08/20/2019
    Equities opened lower this morning, briefly managed to reverse course, but then weakened again, and remained under pressure for the rest of the session, closing with a burst of selling. Today, investors seemed worried that a recession here in the United States could be on the horizon, and that some of the weakness brewing overseas could eventually make its way to our shores. After the late day selling, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 173 points; the broader S&P 500 Index was off 23 points; and the NASDAQ was lower by 54 points.
    Dow 30 Earnings: The Home Depot Fiscal Second Quarter 2019
    Matthew E. Spencer, CFA  |  08/20/2019
    Shares of The Home Depot rose after the home-improvement retailer released fiscal 2019 second-quarter results.
    Market Daily Updates
    Stock Market Today: August 19, 2019
    William G. Ferguson and John E. Seibert III  |  08/19/2019
    The stock market started positively today, as a rebound from last week’s selloff continued. Additionally, the U.S. government extended the time that Chinese technology firm Huawei could buy supplies from U.S. companies for an additional 90 days. Investors viewed this as an easing of trade tensions between the two countries and, thus, bolstered the major market composites. All told, the Dow closed higher by 250 points, the S&P 500 rose by 35 points, and the NASDAQ gained 107 points.